My First Top 1%

Book it…done!

D Class
Prague Full
Time: 2:22.074

Mini Cooper (yes, really)
No assists

Before any Debbie Downers (wah-wah) wish to point out that there are over 3400 folks with better times than me, I know that. I also know that for many folks in here inching into the top 1% means they had a seizure during their rivals session. This guy, who just five months ago was terrified at the thought of doing his own braking, looked up and saw top 1% on a rival. So, I’m pretty stoked.

“You know, AX, from a pure mathematical standpoint, you are actually more like 1.3…”

Wah-wah. I’m happy…deal with it.

Hey well done !

Good job!

Thanks Gemma and Worm. Knocked it down to 2:20.924 after a few more laps. So, I’m in the top 1% even with proper math :slight_smile:

Nice work buddy!
PS the mini is so supid fun to drive in d class


Nice work buddy!
PS the mini is so supid fun to drive in d class


I agree, Dog. I’ll probably never live down the time I made fun of it (not its racing ability, just the idea of a muscle car being scared by a Mini). But, there is no denying that little guy can zip around the track smoothly. Such a transition from trying to drive that McLaren in the Bounty Challenge to the Mini. Like going from sandpaper to silk.

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Good job. This is what I was dong all weekend. After reading some tuning guides and learning how to set my suspension up properly I broke into the top 1% on a couple of my favorite tracks. Granted that only makes me between the top 4k-10k on some but hey, when it’s 10k out of 1.4 million people I’ll take it.

Good job man. Feels good seeing improvement. Over the weekend I was checking out A-class tracks I hadn’t ran clean. Found Yas Marina Alt and gave it a go. Did about 5 laps before being clean and noticed I had broke the top 1k and the lap wasn’t even that good with a couple of bad corners. Decided to run it again and after another 5 laps I posted a better time and now I have my first top 500, 471 I believe. I can improve that more just need more time.

Hey congrats! Just keep practicing and learn from your mistakes you’ll work your way down even further. Next time you may be posting top 1,000’s. Congrats again and keep it up!

Thats awesome! I go WOOT! When I make the top 100,000 :slight_smile: Still working on those driving skills - maybe one day I will be up there with ya!

Just remember slow + smooth= fast! You can save lots of time just by slowing down and not overdriving the corners. Keep practicing and you’ll improve.

AWESOME!!! Rivals has been a part of the game I didn’t think I would enjoy. Been playing it non stop for the last few days and loving it.

I can seriously relate to the excitement level.
Keep on cruising!

Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up.

Now just wait till you hit the wall and struggle to try to shave off a few hundredths of a second from your time. Congrats.

Congratulations in joining team 1%. That’s a great milestone!

And did it with no assists; that’s a great accomplishment!

It’s such a great feeling when you hit that milestone…
Congrats… Top 1000 next?

Congrats OP!!! Keep on the grind man. We all know what it feels like shooting for a time and getting it. Dont stop there though there are hundreds of thousands people chasing you now :slight_smile:

Thanks, all! Now that my self-esteem is sleeping off a Thanksgiving meal…

For those looking to join the 1% club, the best things that worked for me were:

  1. Practice. I know…“duh”. But, the cool thing about Forza is you get paid to practice. How many other activities can you say that about?
  2. Find Jawshe’s guide. I think it is stickied in the Racing Lounge. I found it extremely helpful.
  3. Take a few minutes and watch some pros run the course. You aren’t doing it to copy them. You are learning things that will help you. Case in point for me: I was losing a lot of seconds because I would hover too much in the middle of the track as opposed to picking up speed on the edges. Those are the kinds of things you figure out.
  4. You have to know the courses. It makes sense that Prague is my first top 1% because I know the track like the back of my hand. On the other hand, while I made good progress running Yas Marina this morning (up to 2% in D class), I lost valuable seconds because I don’t know that track as well. If you have to guess braking points and which turn comes next, you don’t know the track well enough.
  5. Enjoy yourself. If you are doing a session and you find yourself getting frustrated/mad (been there), put the game down and fight another day. Your next session may be one where everything seems to go right (been there, too)

Thanks again, everyone. Stay fast and beware the exclamation point.

Congrats on the results!

Keep in mind, however, that not all players have migrated to FM5 and the XBOX One, yet, so make sure to keep improving your time if you want to stay in the top 1%
So far, I’ve made it into the top 1% on all the leaderboards I’ve attempted times in, and I usually make it into the top 300, and I’m far from a hardcore gamer. I don’t remember getting such results in FM4, so perhaps all the top lads are showing up late to the party. Or perhaps FM5’s new driving physics brings things closer to reality, making it easier to set faster lap times.

Either way, congrats on your victory and I hope you keep up the fast pace! Cheers.

No doubt, Sweed. I got a lesson on how things can change earlier when I saw my D class Spa percentage go down. I’m guessing a lot of people were using it to practice for the Bounty Hunter Challenge.

Also, I know that I could probably get a top 1000 a lot faster if I just kept racing the Mini around Prague. But, that’s not what I’m after, right now. From my perspective, I’m in driving school and I want to become more well rounded at all of the tracks. So, right now, in D Class, I have one Top 1%, several Top 2% and still a couple of Top 5% (looking at you, Bathurst).

Good work, BTW. Top 300 is pretty darned impressive.