My first livery design - Top Secret S15

Hi all,

I am so excited to finally made my first livery design after playing Forza Horizon (4 and 5) for 2 years!
The design is a replica of Top Secret S15 in D1 Grand Prix. I have twisted some vinyls of the original drift car to make my life a bit easier for my first attempt, and I have downscaled the amount of decals for personal preference.
There are a couple of excellently made Top Secret S15 designs on FH5, but it is great to have finally made my own version.

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Welcome to the paint booth! That’s very good for a first livery, hopefully you’ll get bitten by the bug now and it’ll be the first of many :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not perfect replica BUT for a first livery to throw yourself into a replica like the Top Secret S15 fairplay! You’ve done a really good job mimicking the livery style.
Look forward to seeing what you paint next! Welcome to the Forums