O1 Designs (Okamifan1's Paint Booth)

About time I made an account here, anyway here is the rundown. I only play the Horizon games, and have been playing since FH3, within my designs you will usually see a lot of pinstriping, and throwback designs as I do cite Chip Foose as one of my influences due to countless hours as a preteen watching Overhaulin. Sometimes I will go out of my comfort zone and do something a little more extravagant such as this first post.

Make: Formula Drift
Model: #43 Dodge Viper SRT10
Year: 2006
Livery Name: D R I F T

This is perhaps my most popular livery at the moment, currently sitting at 63 downloads.

Make: James Bond Edition
Model: Lotus Esprit S1
Year: 1977
Livery Name: Kaboom

Brand new livery, just uploaded. Tbh I am not happy with the name, as I really wish I had called it Neon Sunrise instead of what I ultimately called it, but what’s done is done.

Make: Shelby
Model: Cobra 427 S/C
Year: 1965
Livery Name: Sunrise Surprise

Thank you to the five people whom downloaded my last shared design, even a single download means a lot to me considering the time I put in working on these. Anyhow I decided to open up the vaults for the next one which is a transfer from Horizon 3.

Make: Saleen
Model: S7
Year: 2004
Livery Name: Faded Sunshine

I got this one done quicker than I thought tbh, it only took about two hours, and one missed Forzathon Live.

Make: Porsche
Model: 356A Speedster
Year: 1957
Livery Name: Flame0ut

I like your designs. Simple, elegant.

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Thank you.

A more modern style design, for this car I felt a retro inspired design just would not work all that well.

Make: Funco Motorsports
Model: F9
Year: 2018
Livery Name: Carbon Clash

I finished this one yesterday, but by the time I remembered to post it here I was so tired I couldn’t type straight. This livery was originally supposed to be inspired by Robot Wars competitor Atomic, however it quickly mutated into something else.

Make: Lamborghini
Model: Urus
Year: 2019
Livery Name: Atomic Bull

Here is a sneak peak at the new livery I’m working on, this will be a race livery. Force Thirteen is an international weather channel on Youtube, and honestly as a fan of their work I decided you know what I’m gonna show em some love by creating a Force Thirteen Car. I do need a logo for the livery though, so that requires booting up the vinyl group creator… Methinks this might take a while.

Welcome and nice page, the Porsche is really cool :slight_smile:

Nice work.

So this will be my last new livery for a bit as I am currently prepping for a tourney, as well as a design contest on another game.

Make: Jaguar
Model: XFR-S
Year: 2015
Livery Name: Force Thirteen

Finally back, and I have a fresh new livery for y’all.

Make: Maserati
Model: MC12 Forza Edition
Year: 2004
Livery Name: Flagged for Racing

This lack of posting is what happens when you are a perfectionist juggling several designs, as well as life in general. Since people are still downloading and using my deigns I thought I would throw something together real quick.

Make: Peel
Model: Trident
Year: 1965
Livery Name: Bubble Boss

Edited for grammar.

This is an old design of mines (2017) that I finally decided to import from Forza Horizon 3 with some small changes.

Make: Alumi Craft
Model: Class 10 Race Car
Year: 2015
Livery Name: MV Tideracer

This is the last big design I will be doing for a while as this took well over a month, and it took the wind outta me… It was worth it though, and I personally feel this one turned out incredibly well… Enjoy :wink:

Make: Abarth
Model: 124 Spider
Year: 2017
Livery Name: Italian Dragon

https://i.imgur.com/dt7itHH.jpg available for download at xbigste83x