My Ferrari 599X EVO Sinks into the ground/ hits an invisble wall/ goes through traffic cars!

Hello Everyone. When playing FH4 today, I was trying to break the 300 mph barrier on the motorway speed trap. I have noticed my car sinks into the ground at speeds over 150 mph, then raies to normal height at 200 mph, before sinking into the ground again over 250 mph.This happened while the 311 mph tune by DJ Lime and a 315 mph tune downloaded today. Both tunes were X 999 class, and also occured on the Apollo IE ( Also rated X 999). Another error that occurs is when my Ferrari is traveling at 298 mph, the map glitches, the car hits something, the screen freezes, and the car slows from 298 mph to a standstill. A third glitch that happens in the car is all traffic cars are ghosted, along with the walls, causing my Ferrari to go through an AI car like the Subaru, or ghosts through the freeway barrier and hits a sign post. This happens when the Ferrari travels at least 250 mph.
How long have the bugs been occuring? Will there be a fix for it in the near future? The Ferrari is the fastest car I have gone through a Speed Trap with,the car has hit a record of 298 mph on the motorway speed trap. Thanks T10/PG for FH4

Why is my Ferrari 599XX Evolution dragging the ground when I reach high speeds? It seems the spoiler is pushing the back down so hard that it is literally putting the back of the car underground.

its a well known speed glitch that works on the mosler and supra too, the back sinking makes it able to go 500kmh+, you do it with soft suspension and max aero, and the wall stopping you is a slow HDD


Don’t put rally suspension on it.

I submitted a ticket about this six months ago, is this still happening?

You are using a bugged tune and a bad one at that.

There are real 300mph tunes for the 599 XX that don’t sink it.

Bugs are bugs you submit a ticket, it isn’t up to players to correct bugs.

I think they’ve changed the physics. I tried a tune I created months ago that I used to do 302mph on the motorway speed trap when I created the tune. It now only does mid 280s. I tried a tune that claims 323mph, it also only does mid 280s. I made a new tune that took me several hours of extensive trial and error, and it can do 297mph for the motorway speed trap. I’m struggling to see how it’s possible to make the car go any faster than that with the current physics, unless it’s varying between platform as I used to be on Xbox One X but am now on PC.

Edit: Okay, this is crazy, I set my frame rate to be limited to 55fps, and now my old tune drives fine and does over 300mph again. At >120fps it handles like a dog and only does mid 280s. How can we all compete against each other when a different frame rate can have such a huge impact?!


My tune use to do that but now I cant even get pat 267mph now all off a sudden was ther a fix for this or something

What console do you use? It never worked everywhere.

I did a bit more testing. I turned off freesync to eliminate that as a factor. I set my refresh rate to 120hz in Windows. In the game, this lets me set 120, 60, 40, or 30. At 120, the >300mph tunes do mid 280s. At 60, 40 and 30 they do over 300, they seem to behave the same at 60, 40 and 30, it’s only 120 where different behaviour is seen.


From what I know many people uses 30 FPS on consoles and the glitch works for them. I use 60 and it never worked. Physics should be the same all the time (at least on consoles). Car goes into the ground and on 30 FPS it gains speed but on 60 FPS it starts slowing like it should.

It’s very interesting and mostly for the fact many people don’t know it’s a glitch. It’s not how the game should work. That’s the reason why I don’t care too much about 400+ km/h speed traps because you never know how others did it.

OK, probably 440+. Like the current speed trap. I did around 446 with normal car and I am not sure if glitch could help.

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So I have three 599 Evo’s and decided to make one my dedicated Winter X tune, the other two are a X tune and a S2 tune. I’ve never had an issue with the other two, but on this one, once I get between 180 and 200mph, I start seeing sparks everywhere and steering becomes wonky. It took me a second but then I realized my back tires were driving through the asphalt and I was riding on the rear diffuser.

Anyone else experience this? Is this a bug or did I mess the tune up?

This happened on the M68 if it matters.


You’re joking right? Are you new to the game or something like that?

I am not joking and I’m certainly not new.

I’ve definitely had times where the wheels have poked through, but this is consistently every time I get above a certain speed they go through and stay through until I slow up. On a X tune car, this essentially makes your car useless.

My Evo slows down in Edinburgh on the black surfaces, not sure why.


I’m not sure if this is the right place for this thread, but here we go. I recently got back into FH4, and just recently got my first Ferarri 599XX E. I put on a popular tune for it, which was called “320 MPH+Handling” or something similar. I equipped it, however when driving down things like the highway, or straightaways, the back of my car ends up clipping into the ground, and I can only top out at 280 MPH or so. I also see sparks flying everywhere. Why would this be? I’m not fimiliar with tuning things myself whatsoever, so I am unsure of how to fix this. If anyone could help me out, that would be great.


Get a different tune, delete the one you have now.

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