Big Loopy Loop - speed trap not possible

Just tried this new update and the 6th gear of the Ferrari doesn’t work.

Anyone else having issues?

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I’ve tried it too… and yeah 6zh Gear doesnt work at all + you stuck yourself in the ground for some reason

Fail tune on creator’s car, it seems very common thing?

If it’s a speed glitch tune that buries the car into the ground, it might actually work fine for the creator on the platform they’re playing on, indeed it might seem like a really good tune to them.

Is it the 599XX Evo?

My second tune on that car had the same thing, at high speeds, just about 200+ mph it started to sink into the road and drag. Reconfigured a little and the third tune is fine. Too bad you can’t retune the cars in these challenges. I mean not add components, just adapt the tuning. So now you need to find someone who can build a decent track AND who can tune a car decently.

Very Possible

  1. Don’t do the loop
  2. Don’t use 6th
  3. Make very small steering inputs.

Should be able to hit 269. I did 270 on one run, not impossible.

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What platform are you on and what resolution and frame rate? For me, on PC at 1440p 165fps, the car simply won’t do that speed at that location. It’s the same outside the challenge, I have to switch to 60fps to get a decent speed out of it, but even then it doesn’t do the same speed as it does on some other platforms.

I did exactly the same thing.

PC, GTX 1080, set to unlimited fps but my tv/monitor is limited to 60Hz so pretty much 60fps. I do not have a wonder computer, so anything remotely close to new should not make a difference.

Edit: I forgot, 3840 x 2160 4k (Native on a 65" TV)

Just tested, yes it can be done at 60fps, but it’s significantly slower above 60fps and most likely impossible (I was doing around 260 doing exactly the same thing as what gives 269 at 60fps). As I said above, it’s the same with that car outside the challenge.