My 75hz monitor is blocked at 60hz in forza horizon 4 with Vsync on

So like this happened a few days ago, until then it was fine, i could turn vsync on and run 75hz. One day i come home play some r6 and notice that at 200fps i stutter a lot. I somehow do something and kind of fix it because i still stutter with 200fps in siege. I run forza and instead of showing 75hz when vsync is on it only shows 60hz. In 60hz the game is really choppy and it is not pleasing to play at all. if i turn vsync off i get around 100fps but it still looks really trash without vsync. what should i do? someone please help.

Is your monitor set to 75Hz? The game uses borderless windowed full screen so the Windows desktop needs to be the same refresh rate as you want in the game.

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