Multiplayer not working?

I’m trying to jump back into Multiplayer and Leagues, and they’re both not wanting to do anything.

It says “Failed to start multiplayer. Multiplayer is currently unavaliable. Please try again later.”

Tap the guide button, then hit the select button and quit the game. (Don’t restart your console). Once complete, relaunch Forza, and then try joining multiplayer again. It should resolve your issue.

It did not. I’ve looked online and found a couple possible fixes and none of them worked. My buddy with a totally crap router is able to just jump on and go.

Have you tried a hard reset on your console and router? Turn your Xbox off using the power button not the control pad. Then unplug the power brick and leave it for 5 minutes. Unplug your router from the power and leave that for 5 minutes too. Then plug your router in and turn it back on and then do the same with your Xbox.

Roush sport…thanx…that worked for me


OP - Just tossing this out there - you aren’t banned from MP are you? (I believe a message would pop up and tell you if you are)

why do you have to reset the router ? just reset the bandwidth usage on the console