Multiplayer Achievements now Unlocking in Leagues

After my first League race last night (Rally League, Spa at Night) 3 of my 4 remaining Multiplayer Achievements unlocked simultaneously.
The 4th (for racing in the rain) unlocked as soon as I did a wet race.

Previously, Leagues did not count towards Multiplayer Achievements and your progress bars would not fill up as a result.
It looks now like any League running you did in the past will count towards your current Achievement progress.

I haven’t unlocked Thru the Pack yet but I suspect that will also be unlockable in Leagues now.
Anyway, just wanted to make this post to let people know incase they were avoiding Leagues due to the Achievement situation.


This Sound like very good News!

Yep, I had several unlock in leagues as well last night. I was running in A ghost lobby.

9 days since the last post. Is there any mentionable update about “Thru the Pack”?

Has anyone discovered if this is working/possible now? Would really like to know that.

I know Raceboy77 has it, but that’s because he’s online a lot, not to mention quite good. I’ve only started 24/24 once (last night actually) but only made it up to 4th :frowning:

According to TrueAchievements he got it on September 17.

I have yet to start 24/24 in my 200 hours of play unfortunately. The closest I’ve gotten is 23/23, finishing 2nd.