Multiplayer Achievements Not Progressing

First of all, great job on Forza Motorsport 6, Turn 10. It’s an immense improvement over Forza 5 in every way. Moving on…

I’ve been racing in Leagues lately and I noticed that I’m not getting credit for the Devoted Racer, Nightvision, Rain Dancer, and Racking up the Mileage achievements. They all state do X “in Multiplayer”. Since I’m getting credit for Gaining Experience and World Traveler, is this a glitch or just a misnomer? I’m clearly in Multiplayer when I race Leagues, so I see no reason that I shouldn’t receive credit for those races.

If those races are supposed to be regular Multiplayer, could you change the achievement description to clarify this?

I really hope that’s not the case, because I’m racing Leagues to eventually get away from the dregs. I don’t race dirty and that’s all regular multiplayer seems to be.

These achievements only progress in regular multiplayer. The wording is deceptive since Leagues are still multiplayer. It’s an odd choice to exclude League progress, especially since it’s a new feature that Turn 10 should be encouraging. Please change the wording to clarify this, Turn 10. Thanks.