Mugen Bodykit for Civics

Suggestion to add the full Mugen Bodykit (front & rear bumper, spoiler, hood) for the 2007 Honda Civic Type R (FN2).

I would image that this would be pretty straightforward since Forza 4 had Mugen Fn2.


It used to be a separate car back in Motorsport 3 and 4, should be brought back as a perk unlock for the standard Civic Type-R in my opinion

Please add Mugen full body kit (with rims) for 2018 Honda Civic Type-R


Wrong generation, I recommend making it a separate suggestion

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I’m doing some consolidation and merged two topics. Title changed to “Civics” to cover multiple generations.


That’s an interesting decision, especially considering the amount of Civic generations and different Mugen kits for them.

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This info goes back to the teams who will be focused on the brand level, so it helps us to group the models.


You are in a Mugen Civic bodykit parts topic, vote for those cars in Car Voting


FK8 carbon fiber body kit

So there are people currently working on that (new body parts)?

New spoiler for honda

Don’t forget the side skirts :rofl:
Remodel the CR-X and actually have the Mugen pro II kit

And this is the mugen spoiler

instead of what they say is the mugen kit


Yeah, the CRX’s missing sideskirts and cut parts from the early FM’s really need to be fixed!


Mugen is a tuning arm for Honda, and is already an existing brand featured on a few Hondas in game such as the S2000 and EP3 Civic Type R. One car that will benefit from a Mugen body kit, is the FK8 Civic Type R.

It gives the car a much more aggressive look, giving it a lot more of a presence than it already has, while also looking nice. Since the FK8 does not have any aftermarket body kits in game, this would definitely be a great start. Here’s some images:

^ Mugen front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper & rear wing


This car desperately deserves its rescan and body mods !!.


Looks great! :face_holding_back_tears:

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