Honda Civic 2005-2012 (Gen8: FA/FD/FG/FK/FN)

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Honda Civic (8th generation) FA/FD/FG/FK/FN

This topic includes all production model body versions as well as the Type R and 2007 Mugen RR.

This model has been represented in Forza games as the

  • 2007 Honda Civic Type-R (FM2 through FH5)
  • 2006 Honda Civic Si Coupe (FM2 to FM4)

Really hoping for an 8th gen Civic coupe at some point. Whether uts an Si or non-Si model. Reguardless if its the pre facelift (2006-2008) or the facelifted (2009-2011) it would be cool if the alternate variation could be created by using upgraded bumpers etc. The Honda HFP body kit would be nice as well as either a full body kit or as bumper and side skirt options.


I remember the 8th gen Civic Si Coupe from Forza Motorsport 4 and it’s still one of my favorite cars on that game! :heart:

But my preferred option is the FD2 Type R Sedan! :heart:


Even though I drive a 2009 Honda Civic LX Coupe, it would be a great Model to be added into the game. There’s literally more drivers with similar 2006-2009 Coupe Mods. I rarely see the 2007 Type R in public or heard anyone own one. In my opinion, the Coupe looks cooler than the Type R because of the trunk style and looks sleeker.


would love to see this car make a come back. driving this car in fm4 lead me to owning one.

06-11 Honda Civic Si coupe or sedan, or both


The 4 door JDM model please, FD2.

Gorgeous car.

Also the Civic Mugen RR.


2008 Honda Civic Type R (FD2)

All generations of Civic Type R are in Forza. This one is the only missing Civic in the Forza series. Definitely needs to make a first appearance in Horizon and Motorsport.

It has a 2.0 K20A V-TEC engine, producing 222HP, probably more powerful than the FN2 (EU) Civic’s K20Z4 which produced 198HP, the one we already have in Forza games. 6-speed manual is the same.

This other 8th-gen Civic may be a sedan but it has the fabulous Type R which is exclusively for the JDM market. It defines the passion and sportiness for the car. It’s pretty much underrated as this didn’t show too often in racing games. Although, it only appears in Gran Turismo 5 & 6 which is exclusive to the PS3 console only. That makes us wonder that it should be in Forza next.

And if I didn’t know yet, the 8th gen Civic has an Si Coupe taken from the X360 Forza Motorsport, but it’s a US-spec with a different front and rear end design.

Now, as if the most recent generation Civic Type R (2023 FL5) will be most likely added in the future of Forza (FH5 and Motorsport), can we also get this Civic too? It will be much more appreciated if the FD2 will finally join Forza universe. It’ll be 100% newly added, despite it being a 10+ year old car.


Images of the JDM Civic Type R (FD2) (2007-10)


Here’s some examples of the Civic FD2-R with body mods (please add these as customization options for it if/when added to the game):

^ Mugen Front Lip + Hood + Rear Bumper w/ Diffuser, Side Skirts & Rear Wing

^ J’s Racing Front Bumper, Side Skirts & Rear Diffuser + Rear Wing

^ INGS Front/Rear Bumper + Side Skirts, Carbon Fiber Hood & Rear Wing

^ Modulo Sports Front Bumper + Rear Bumper, Side Skirts & Rear Trunk Lip

^ Chargespeed Front Bumper, Carbon Fiber Hood, Side Skirts, Rear Bumper & Carbon Fiber Trunk

^ C-West Front/Rear Bumper & Side Skirts + Rear Wing (Could not find better resolution images)


It would be so sick if we could drive the 2006 Civic Coupe in a new Forza game. One of my favorites to drive in the older Motorsport games :smiley:


i just want some new hondas so the Si coupe or the jdm 8th gen type r would be a good start



Fn2 Mugen, Forza 4 already had that.


pls add the honda civic si 2009 sedan



add this honda civic si 2008 it would be so awsome if have this car in it add this in both fh4 and fh5


Please add this beauty :heart: Its pretty underrated in racing games.


Probably the only game to feature the Civic FD2 Type R is Gran Turismo 5 & 6 in which they are PS3 exclusives only. I’m also willing for it to join Forza as well.

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2008 Honda Civic Mugen RR


Mugen RR please.


2005 Honda Civic Sis

2008 Honda Civic Type R

2007 Honda Civic Mugen RR