Motor City Online

How many of you all had the pleasure of experiencing Motor City Online back in the early 2000s before it was shut down? I was really hopeful that FH4 would have a similar feel, but alas, it has fallen short like every racing game since. It was truly decades ahead of its time.

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Was it even realesed?
I was only reading about it, but was liking that concept very much. IMO it was to early to realese that game.

PS. Persoanlly would love game that would combine: GT + FH + FM + Gearhead Garage/Car mechanic simulator + Motor City + BeamNG.

I was online day 1 for that game, unfortunately it was a bit complicated for the average car guy/gamer. Having to build your car completely up from the catalog of parts was as close to IRL as you could get in a game. I can remember sitting in the main chat room and watching all of the “noobs” getting their starter car scammed away at the drag strip (yes, you could run for “pink slips” and lose your car).

My car club was The Hollywood Knights (as if my GT didn’t give it away).

I didn’t. I was on dial-up at the time and didn’t want to pay a monthly fee, so I had to skip it. I sunk my teeth into its sibling, Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed instead. But I did drool over the game and wish I could have sorted things out so that I could play it without it costing me a fortune in phone bills, that’s for sure (I couldn’t get ADSL, and by the time I got a cable gateway, the monthly subscription for the game was still an issue). So, I missed out on a game I’m sure I would have loved.

The uproar when Motor City was removed from the Need for Speed franchise during development and made an online-only game was pretty epic. Some fans threatened to file a class action lawsuit against EA for false advertising. Others, like myself, were just disappointed that we wouldn’t be able play a game we’d been looking forward to and cried in our pillows. The debacle pretty much destroyed the close ties that had formed between the dev teams and fan base over the years. The Need for Speed community was never the same after that.

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I think the bigger issue that the player base complained about was the server shutdown was immediate. It was like if Turn 10 would have shut down FM7 servers when they shut down further updates. They ended up using the same servers for another MMO that didn’t last long (some space game if I remember correctly). Game only lasted from Oct 01 till Aug 03 (less than 2 years).

I played MCO for its entire lifespan. Quite a bit of fun. I still have screenshots!
My screen name was “Galaxie” and my club was “Archangels”
My last screenshot showed me at level 32.

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