Motion Blur setting in cockpit view [FM PC]

On the trailers for the next Forza Motorsport the motion Blur looked pretty aggressive.

We need an option to either reduce the level or fully disable it
Some players prefer a more natural look during races.

Yes, I’m really hoping they keep the option to remove motion blur as it is in FM7 already. In Horizon 5, we cannot take away fully the motion blur and camera movement. But in Motorsport, I believe motion blur should be toggle option.
I will add that it is fun to have motion blur on when in first-person. However, it hurts my eyes in third person and maybe even an option to toggle the intensity of the motion blur should be added.

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Turning off motion blur is in pretty much every game now (and the first thing I do).

Can’t you at least wait until you played the game? Maybe it’s an option you can turn off.

Definitely need this in Xbox visuals mode, completely ruins the look, even making it jaggier.


can somebody explain me why motion blur is disabled in Cockpit view wether its on PC or Xbox? All views from chase View to bumber cam use a high quality motion blur to create a realistic look and sense of speed until you change to cockpit cam where it’s fully disabled and looks extremely odd then! Is this a Bug or a really strange design decision or can the engine not render Motion blur in cockpit ???

Bump. No explaination?

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Can we have a option that enabling Motion Blur in 1st person? For PC, put a option. For XBOX, Enable Motion Blur for 1st person.

In Cars like Caterham there is a bad visual without motion blur. So please add a motion blur feature for interior cameras.

This feature was added in July 2024 with Update 10 - Nemesis Month:

An option to enable or disable Motion Blur in cockpit view has been added to the PC settings menu.

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