More precise / multiple in-game categorization of cars

I wish Forza is able to categorize cars in more than one category, and/or more clarity what each category represents.

Example, cult cars can be anything super popular, but before they became that cult car, they likely belonged to a van category (VW Type 2), or some classic or something.

Some modern muscles are also four-door saloons like the recent Cadillacs.

There are also the rally cars that we have now - the Lancers / most Imprezas are four door cars and wouldn’t be out of place in Super Saloons - if the Sentra Nismo is considered a super saloon, which isn’t even a luxury car, I think these Mitsus and Subies deserve to be part as well. At the same time, some of the old rally cars were hatcbacks as well (like the Pulsar and 323).

Then there are those country-specific cars being labeled as belonging to the same country as their manufacturer. Example of this is the Ford Falcon. I mean we have the Aussie championships from time to time but these cars are still displayed as American cars, and like there’s no visual cue which were actually Australian-exclusive cars in the game. Why not both American and Australian?

There are also those championships from time to time where the category or cars being asked for is vague - heavy hitters or sth come to mind, but I can’t even search which among all the cars in the game garage I have that qualifies.

There are times when I wish I would have taken a car to race in a different category they’re currently in.

I like that suggestion very much, it reminds me a topic that I opened back in October :smiley:

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