More Australian cars

Can we please have some more Australian cars in fh5 please every other country gets a decent amount of cars but not us Australians so please can use do that?

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Please add New Zealand cars first

I guess Australian cars are not on their radar. even FH3 set in Australia didn’t have much local content.
Vauxhall Monaro is technically Australian (but not marked as Holden)
Ford Falcon is marked as USA (SMH)

What? They added a bunch of Holdens, the Chrysler Valiant, Falcons galore!

Agreed they could have split the non-American Fords, but the European Fords were built in Germany, UK, Belgium & Spain, possibly more. They’re all USA in game too.

Is that the VW Hobbit GTi?

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Puts on flame suit

There are no “Australian cars” any more.

…runs away