Monthly Rivals Times Not Displaying In Leaderboards

Multiple reports of Monthly Rivals times not displaying in the leaderboards after a successful race, despite showing as completed in the playlist.

Thought about reporting this as a new bug but couldn’t be bothered with the usual responses.
As said in the other thread - it still gives you the original time to beat before completion, despite multiple better times. It’s definitely registering “somewhere” because each time it starts, the gap to the original is increasing from what it was at the first run.

Before completion I completed it with ( -00:10.010 sec ) clean victory - now it has the same rival with their original time but a +18.485 to beat them again, so I now need to beat them by 28.5 secs or so, so their time is counting somewhere but mine isn’t. Maybe mine is still in there somewhere in the ether. Who knows.

Hello @Bravo437 ,

Would you be willing to set a time and show us video of you setting a time and the corresponding leaderboard not correctly showing the time?

Thank you,

HERE is a photo showing the completed events & HERE is a photo showing my time is missing for one of the events from a friend’s list. With the time recorded, it should have been between the top two players showing in that list.
I have not run the tracks again since that time & from what I have read, others have & their times are still not showing correctly. If you still need a video after the above information, let me know & I can try to complete that for you. Thanks for the response.

*Update: I ran the Monthly San Juan Scramble Event again against the next Rival the system provided (*as you can see, the “Gap To Rival” shows a -01:01:862, which reflects the previous time I set which completed the challenge).

I beat the assigned Rival after running it again, but the next Rival comes back to the same player:

…and my time still does not show:

Hope this helps. (*Obviously not a major issue, but clearly there is something going on which seems to be affecting multiple players, as discussed in the linked thread, so wanted to report it. Thanks for the help).

Thanks for the posts Bravo - exactly the same issues that I’m having. The first rival I got before completion always reappears even after beating them again. It briefly started working normally in the latter part of the Summer season and at the beginning of the Autumn and I then carried on beating multiple rivals but in the past few days it has reverted back to the original issue that I had at the start and currently all beaten rivals have disappeared and the original keeps showing up.

You probably don’t recall if this was the same person that you had when you first started but I’m guessing it was. I keep a detailed log of all things, hence why I know it’s the original that keeps cropping up for me.

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So I see it’s still not fixed yet. Hadn’t tested it out for almost a week but thought I’d check and see.
Same old issues - though with a new rival this time.
Beat them by 52.035 sec, new rival - same guy, same time to beat.
Beat them again by 56.373 sec, new rival - same guy, same time to beat.
When will it be fixed devs ?

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Other Rivals times have been recording correctly (at least for me), so I have a feeling this might be a bug limited to this series Monthly Rivals. The key for me is that the times at least recorded toward completion of the challenge for the month, so I’m not overly concerned by the time not displaying to the LB. I’m also anticipating it will likely not be an issue in the next series.

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Agreed - at least the times aren’t wiping out the actual completion of the challenge so it’s not major unless it continues into the next series. I guess it will remain for the last season of this series but just hoping it won’t be there after the new series update arrives.

It’s just a bit annoying that you don’t get to run against your actual real rival. In my case the last one I had was Cashless. Still a way off from yours but I was closing in on her before it bugged out again and now she doesn’t even show up as the next rival like she should be.

Guess we’ll just have to wait for the series update and see what happens… :man_shrugging:

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I believe you still have the ability to select the Rival you want to run against, regardless of default selection, (that is if they are showing :smile:) My original time recorded for that one was like 01:43.5, so it still shows correctly by comparison to whichever Rival is automatically being selected. I’d be curious to know if you beat the time you originally set that completed the challenge if it would update to the better time.

Yeah - beat it several times before it started bugging again. No idea why it started working for a while then rebugged and started giving me the old rivals again.

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Try to go through this now, because I believe that after we received the update on Tuesday (07.16.2024), the Monthly Rivals are working correctly again. I will be able to check it myself a little later, but I think that now the lap time for Jeep and the sprint time for Hyundai will be registered in the leaderboard.

Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, my time still can’t be registered in the leaderboard.


I’m thinking that previous issue will not be resolved at this point, but thanks for sharing your feedback.


Thanks for testing this out in my absence. Not good that they still can’t get it figured out after all this time.

Echo that Bravo. Not sure why they’re not listening but at least people are trying to get them to realise the issue.

Devs - get a grip.