Monthly endurance lobby

After doing four races in the sebring 1.2 hopper
I was was wondering if turn 10 could continue
To keep this hopper going,maybe drop the time down to 60 minutes and change the real world track on a weekly basis .

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Yeah some other car classes wouldn’t be a bad shout either. This lobby is great fun.

I agree change up the classes but maybe keep it so everyone uses the same car so everyone is competitive.1 week it could be the camaro challenge @ road america modified too pi 600 can you last 60 minutes
Our mazda cup @ laguna seca can you master the cork sccrew,that kinda thing would be cool!

Would love to get one of these for the Aussie V8 Supercars at Bathurst or Yas Marina.

Yeah v8 supercars @ bathurst 60 minutes there with damage on i think id be drenched in sweat after that one. Sounds real good

Haha, yeah. Having to navigate that mountain in traffic and with sim damage for an entire hour would be so much fun (and intense).

I am also interested in this

I would like it too…the 1,2 hours of Sebring was a great fun but I could play it only twice.
It would be cool with the Holden and the Falcon, but also wit the GTs.

i would also like a 60 min race WITH at the very least high tire wear and fuel usage, make the race a game of strategy, 10-15 laps in and the tryes are worn and fuel is low and all in the same car NO tunes allowed but please no wobbly yank tanks, we want to race not fight a car that has trouble going in a straight line let alone corners

Yup. It needs to be long enough for atleast one pit stop. 60mins isn’t long enough. Which is sad.

YOU absolutely NEED TO BE ABLE TO HAVE ADVANCED/ACCELERATED TIRE AND FUEL WEAR. It needs to be an option. I’ve been asking for this for a long time.

I like the sound of this, I do miss the Forza Le Mans lobby from Fm4. anything GT related is good with me!

You can definatley do 60 mins with the fuel you have but the question is how much will your lap times suffer if you do stay out.That would add an element
Of stratedgy to the race.

you’re teir 6. you should remember the old forzas. lap times actually get faster with the reduced fuel weight not slower due to worn tires. your fastest lap was the one right before you had to pit to not run out of fuel. it was probably 5% faster than you 1st lap starting or after pitting.

After doing 4 races in the 1.2 @ sebring i can definatly say that is not the case. Infact after the 40 min mark the tires and transmission were hurting pretty bad.Maybe i wasn’t blipping enough on down shifts but still the tires were pretty well shot.

Track needs to be in rotation, Same track for a month is overkill