Moderation, how long?

Sorry mods, but I note I’ve been placed under moderation. I can understand this as a newbie but I’ve posted quite a few posts since joining. Is there a post count or so when the moderation is removed?

Wasn’t sure where to post this, so apologies if in the wrong place.

I’m not a Moderator, but I think I can answer your question… Basically, you just have to continue to post as normal, and if the Mods see that you’re consistently nice and your posts are within the Terms of Service, after awhile the Mods will decide you’re an alright gent and let you post freely.

Hopefully that answers your question. : )

Yep, I can confirm what Yakov Alfa said. My first 2 (or maybe 3) posts have been under moderation, but after that I was able to post normally

Blimey, I can’t be doing that well then. Sure I’m at my 15th post or so. Must try harder…lol

Cheers for the info chaps!

[Mod edit - WSD - being a positive member of the forum includes, Not starting threads to ask question which are answered elsewhere and not spamming the forum with pointless posts]

[Mod edit - WSD - a) if you have a problem with a moderators decision then PM as per the ToS b) This thread was pointless due to the answers being included in the FAQ found here c) I responded on your post when I approved it onto the forum d) Saying “you must try harder” when told moderation was lifted after a set post count implies the intention to post more regardless of content (ie spam)]