Why is [Mod edit - WSD - Naming and shaming] gaming allowed to use the dev build to change the entire physics of the game yet still be allowed to play online? If it was any normal person, they’d be banned without any questions. Does he have special permission from T10 or something?


I don’t watch or care about said person but the same rules should apply for all. And yes, if he/she is using modified files and hacks, a ban should be the outcome.

Viewers might be encouraged to find the dev build too without realising it would result in a ban so again, a rather shameful thing this[Mod edit - WSD - Naming and shaming] is doing by publicly posting content of gameplay against ToS etcetera.


He drives buses in races and flattens the tires on cars.

I don’t remember being able to do that in FH3.

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I have often wondered why he does seem to get special treatment.


Good question , however youll have to enquire via as we do not allow any discussion of modding on the forums.