Modders are Arrogantly Annoying

Has anyone else had the bad luck to have a run in with these fools? It’s like they’ve finally figured out a way to get a little bit of power over everyone else and use it to mess around in everyone else’s fun. I think it’s sad and pathetic.
I had a run in myself the other day. I was racing online and someone, using a [hack], was in a traffic only car and of course using it not to race but to wreck everyone. like I said, the get that extra control then use it mess everyone else up. I’d report them, but that never seems to do any good. I rarely report people, but the few times I have nothing ever seems to be done about it. I wish these people could get it through their heads that these [hacks] don’t make them better or cool, it’s just cheating, and it’s annoying.

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Lol I thought your post was going to be about moderators on the forums.

Modders are going to mod. Avoid them and move to another lobby.

You should have seen the Moderator Death Star all powered up and ready to go. whew I’ve edited the OP to avoid any confusion.

As tedious as it may be, using the reporting functions is the only way the system is going to work, so please keep at it. I can assure you that those that violate the Terms of Service are frequently caught and banned. If you have visual evidence please provide it to or a forum Moderator.

That’s about it. Thread locked.


I totally agree. It’s like they say, those with just a little bit of power most often don’t deserve it and thus are the most likely to abuse it. Avoid them when you can and ignore them the rest of the time. Just don’t fight or argue with them. That’s why they do what they do, so they can get under your skin. If you let them know it upsets you, you’ll just get it worse.