Mitsubishi Xpander (racing spec)

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Mitsubishi Xpander (racing spec)

This model is for racing versions of the Xpander, such as the AP4. Vote separately for the Xpander production model.


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Some Photos of this thing because it is a site to behold.

It is literally a Crossover that Mitsubishi has taken Rallying but it just seems to be a One-Off for the moment (they seem to have one for a More Road Focus and one for Rally which has been used)
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Mitsubishi XPANDER Motorsport special project with Speedline Industries



You confused the Indonesian AP4 rally car with the Racing Spec Malasyian concept
They are 2 different cars, they share some parts but are different
Mitsubishi Xpander Motorsport - When you’re a family man but racecar is life | WapCar

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Ah, thank you for the Correction.

When researching the topic there was a lot of conflicting info so glad you got something concise.

Either car would be great in Forza though imo

Here’s another look at the AP4 Xpander:

Test drive:


They make these for the Thai and Indonesian market they are kinda of what the rvr used to be but instead of sliding door they have four normal ones there ment to be sort of a mini van for lower income countries Toyota also makes a similar vehicle but Mitsubishi is the only one of the two to make it in to a full on rally car like the xpander ap4

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