missing animations

ive noticed that in some cars with manual transmissions particularly race cars with manuals some dont show the driver changing gears and in almost all cars with paddle shifters when down shifting it only shows the driver pulling the paddle for every other gear not everyone. i know this is kinda minor and nit picky but one thing i like about forza is the attention to detail they put into the game and seeing this missing animations kinda makes me feel the devs are being lazy. Also not sure if these missing animations are intentional or not but im hoping theyre not intentional and it may be a glitch.

my thinking that it may be a glitch is because for the 1970’s f1 cars the lotus and ferrari dont show the driver change gears but the mclaren does why would one show but not the other two and the fact that no other forza game has had this to my knowledge i find that kind of odd.

again i know this is nit picky but i feel i should mention it just in case this may be a glitch for the devs to patch it.