Mini cooper d class

whats the best tune to download for d class ?

I second Matt’s post, Foot’s mini is a great little car to drive. There are also a couple of add’l open-source tunes that are really good as well. I’ll check to see if I can find the links.

cheers m8 some good info

yh cheers lads im gona give it a bash

Why not give mine a try. It is open source a few posts down.

I guess I have been preoccupied with my BRZ challenge and missed this post Moss. I love the Mini and will be trying your out. Thanks for sharing.

yh ill try it moss !! foots tunes ok but its not as fast as ive got 2. 07 flat round catalunya and I could only manage a 2.08.3 with his tune !! `

Thanks DeAdLyTeKkErZ, I don’t know whether you will beat 2:07.045 with it because I’m not good enough to test it LOL, but I’m certain you will better 2:08.3 :slight_smile: Nice driving! Let me know how you get on.