Mazda 787B

Why do the 2 787B’s have different PI’s? Their stats are the same, however the white car, which has a lower PI, has a tiny edge in acceleration over the other one.

I went to buy the 91 Mazda 787b and there are two variants in the game, both 1.2 million credits, exact same specs for speed, handling, acceleration, braking, and exact same power, torque, weight. Yet the number 55 car has a PI score of 974 and the number 18 car has a PI score of 973. Is there a reason that there is this slight variance?

I used the search on the forums hear and through google and could not find any information so if this has been answered before I do apologize.

I dont know why, but I bought the white one (with the lower PI) thinking it would allow for more upgrades but it caps out at PI995. I dont know what the green one’s max is but that’s the one I would recommend since it starts higher to begin with.

the SHAB figures don’t directly affect the PI of a vehicle.
As for the difference - could be a very small rounding issue which results in the 1 point difference.