May car pack?

Is there a May car pack coming on Tuesday??

Doubt it, the April car pack only released like 2 weeks ago

At the rate we’re going, I wouldn’t expect anything until after May 15th.

And it’s a shame too because I’m really curious if we’re getting anything from the recent leaks (McLaren Senna).



EDIT: nvm. Found it.

I think realistically it won’t happen this coming week.

I’m still salivating over the possibility of a Cerbera Speed 12 and the Morgan. :drooling_face:

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My prediction’s for a possible May DLC car pack which came to me in a vision:
Fire truck.
School bus.
Toyota mini van.
2018 Civic R.
1958 Chevrolet Biscayne with a 235 C.I. Six.
No need to thank me.


omg imagine

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Aside from the Porsches, that’d be an awesome pack. It falls outside the car pass, but I’d almost certainly buy it.


That would be awesome, but I wouldn’t set my hope too high. Remember T10 doesn’t have the license for Toyota street cars.

I would love to take a fire truck through the Nurburgring though. Those things are quick.

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All I can picture right now is The Hamster Hammond doing one is his intro’s for “The Crucible of Motorsport”. What’s next, Bendi-busses, catering trucks, RV’s? Do the “Touring Car Legends”, become Drivers Gear options?

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You forgot the Nissan race car of some fashion.


…are there any left? Wait a minute – don’t answer that #notawishlist.


You forgot the Lawnmowers!

There’s an association too: linky →


Would have been nice to have them follow their tradition and something would have certainly dropped tomorrow but they are on some new weird stuff lately. I would wait until this Friday’s WIR, that should tell us if something’s coming looking ahead.


I think it’s a possibility we get the update on the 8th, but I’m 100% certain it won’t come tomorrow.

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Cerbera speed 12 is beautiful.

Please not this thread again already, think I’m only just recovering from the migraine caused by last months one!

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I think it’s very possible we get the McLaren Senna already in FM7 but, with the strong hints that FH4 will be in the UK, it makes perfect sense for the Senna to be featured in the cover despite being known for a while now.

If it was in Japan I’d say Toyota would return and the new Supra would feature in the cover, but it probably won’t happen. The number “four” is an unlucky number in Asia and Microsoft is currently very careful when it comes to every movement of theirs in the Japanese market.