August car pack, Forza monthly

what are you expecting in this pack?

Also do you think we’ll have forza monthly on tuesday, considering it is the 31st july or the week after in august?

I’d expect two weeks after, personally…

I’m actually expecting it the Tuesday when gamerscom starts, Aug 21st. For some reason it just lines up well for a sweet car pack. I expect 2 race cars from this decade, a hypercar, 2 classic sports cars, 1 classic racer and a hidden gem something like a 89 Taurus SHO.

still waiting on the 2000-2005 toyota mr-s. they had a forza 4 sponsored car that rocked a 2gr v6.

There will be no Toyotas.


2017 Mercedes AMG GTR GT3 hopefully X

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I would love to see some classic American cars like a '68 or 9 Plymouth Road Runner, or '63 Studebaker Avanti for example, but doubt that will happen ever. Maybe we will get lucky and get a Toyota mini van to race against the Honda van…oh boy!:sleeping:


Is there a chance to fix glitches and graphic bugs with August update ? Especially an annoying blue-black rectangle showing in forzavista since the last update?

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Looking like the august dlc is formula drift, kinda disappointed

I doubt it. They still owe us another pack for the Car Pass and many people would be upset if they made it the last pack as well as the pre-order bonus for FH4.

It may released alongside another car pack, but I doubt it will be the August car pack.


The picture advertising the forza monthly this month is a formula drift Holden ute

It could be because they’re bringing the drift update in August, with the cars coming in September. I just hope the pack is not the FD one, because, let’s face it, an FD pack basically appeals to drifters only, and I think (or at least want to think) that most people buy Forza Motorsport to race.


I am 90% sure that in case they bring the drift update they are going to bring the FD car pack as well, would make sense. However, there is still another car pack in the car pass we will be getting either August or September, and I actually think it´ll be September since we got the Hoonigan Car Pack for FH3 in August 2017, which was basically the FM7 equivalent of the FD car pack for FH4

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Doesn’t mean the FD pack is the August pack, They could release both packs in August.

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Exactly what I was going to say. Thank you!

I am going to guess:
Something Japanese.
Hyper/Supercar thingie.
Hyper/Supercar thingie #2.
Something classic: Ferrari, Mercedes, etc.
And a bonus: Porsche.
Wake me when it’s over.

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would love to see the 2012-13 Mustang BOSS 302

I’m excited for the Formula D pack solely for the steering rack modifications. Not for the purpose of drifting but to help with negotiating those pesky chicanes at Barcelona and Monza.

Ackerman angle adjustment would be swell too to get the effects of toe-out without affecting outer tire scrub.

When’s the August update dropping?

Many thanks.

Sometime in August. Probably on a Tuesday.