Make the hot wheel expansion free for everyone

Why not have more people playing while they have even more fun with the (free) hot wheels map and the cars with their friends!

uh . . . I can see the attraction of not paying money for it but the available deal is crystal clear, it’s a paid extra - end of story - and it’s not getting my vote because I did pay for it!

In a year or so it’ll be dirt cheap anyway.


100% what @SpirantCrayon22 said.


“Everything in the world should be free,” seems to be the mantra of a lot of people these days. The idea is that if everything was free then everyone would be able to enjoy everything. Who cares if the companies aren’t able to make money to pay their employees or make good products anymore?


They have enough content that’s free; let them make their money on this.


If they made DLC free then they would most likely introduce a cash shop where all the cool liveries, cars and possibly tunes reside. Which one would you prefer?

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Hammer and sickle much?

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I would prefer The free hot wheels expansion to be free and a cash shop and I just don’t participate in paid extentlsoins.

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I think making the hot wheels extension free is an awesome idea cause like GMoney20101186 said I don’t participate in paid excision products

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It’s paid content. If you don’t pay you can’t play. Nothing will change that.