Make Barn Finds separate car models with unique mods and Forza Presets

Up until now Barn Finds have always been standard cars that players can collect and restore. These are always supposed to be rare and or unique cars. In the cutscenes we always see them all rusted and damaged in the barns from being left there for years. What makes these barn finds interesting is that during the cutscenes these cars will sometimes have unique upgrades and paint jobs.

How cool would it be if these barn finds were updated to be separate unique cars in the game that the players can collect? They could have a special BARN FIND tag like the Dodge Viper Anniversary Edition has. To make these barn finds truly stand out I suggest giving them Forza Presets and unique upgrades to let us players truly restore them to their former glory. A unique manufacturer paint option with the paint design seen in the cutscene restored would really top it off!

Pro: This can lead players to use the barn find cars more often due to their unique upgrades and performance.

Con: Why still use the standard car if the barn find is better? Or perhaps they could simply give the unique mods to the standard car models.

In any case, we could drive something like this:

Opaque headlight covers

Or this:

Drag hood, drag rear tyres and unique exhausts out of the side hood vents

I don’t know if they can still revise it for FH5. If so they’ll have to reset all the barn finds for all players and let us start fresh to look for new uniquely upgraded cars (which I wouldn’t mind :smile: ). Or perhaps introduce it in the next game.

Anyway, what do you think?

I’m actually fine with how barn finds are now, but your idea, if implemented would be fine, especially if this is how Forza Editions could be obtained going forward rather than hiding them in Wheelspins and Car Mastery.

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I agree with your suggestion, but something that I’ve wondered about since the first Horizon, is why aren’t the Barn Finds restored with the livery or paint job they’re found with? Such as the Ferrari in your picture.

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Well that’s kind of what I’m suggesting :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, I missed that bit first time. I thought you were just looking to add performance mods. But to add another option, how about letting us choose how much gets restored? I wouldn’t mind keeping the external patina whilst the running gear gets overhauled.

That would mean 2 manufacturer paints; one mint and one rusted. Would be cool too. I think the rusted one should be able to be added because they’re applied to the cars in the cutscenes.

I wonder how that works though. Are the cars in the cutscenes normal playable cars with mods and paints? Or are they different static 3D models?

Kind of like the BF Injection in Joey’s garage in GTA 3 if you clip through the doors (for those who still remember what I’m talking about :wink: )