Make a browser or app version of the forza livery network or the livery creator in general

if you take the amazing forza livery creator and make a browser version so we can make prototype designs such as on the spot ideas when were not on forza and mockup models for thoes cars to make the designs on


its not a bad idea… ive had to stop Liveries for now as the controller seems to move on its own only in the design shop… & sometimes when the map bugs out & cursor just goes somewhere until it cant go further…
but the livery creating has become impossible due to my rubbish modern tech… its not too cheap & is a known brand… idk… but i cant do liveries anymore :slight_smile:


Totally agree, GT already has it , why not Forza

Add the option for creators upload templates and/or logos as well, far better than the actual oldated system we have

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We cant forget to point out the need for speed heat studio app i feel that’s a good example as well … It would be a pretty nice convenient addition i agree and as for the controller moving on its own i recall having the same issue in the past with my last controller something you could try that might help potentially is going into advanced controller settings and moving the inner and outer deadzone for the steering around a bit to see if that helps seems like it did for me somewhat