Major Sync Issues

I’ve encountered many sync issues as a result of switching between XSX and PC. However nothing tops the sync issue I encountered today.

I logged into XSX and tuned a dozen cars. I also purchased a Honda NSX R GT from the AH for 12 million. Currently this is a rare car and its the first time ive seen it listed on the AH.

I then log on via PC then later on log back to XSX.

At this point I encounter a sync issue on my XSX. I lost all the tunes I recently worked on. I also no longer own the Honda NSX R GT from the AH which I purchased for 12 million and was driving around.

So what exactly has happened? The person who sold the Honda to me is 12 million credits richer. However the car no longer belongs to me so it’s just vanished for ever. More worrying is that I believe I lost no credits. Don’t get me wrong this is a good thing if I didn’t lose 12 million credits for a car I no longer own but isn’t this easily exploitable? Have 1 player list a car for 20 million. Have another player purchase said car then forcible create a sync issue. Rinse repeat. You could make 100 million credits in half an hour.

Please note if this is exploitable then I won’t be doing it. It’s just concerning…