Mad Catz Wireless Force Feedback Wheel VS Thrustmaster VG Ferrari 458 Wheel

I really need some racers opinion on this! I want to get 1 of these two wheels for my 360 to play Forza and NASCAR. Does anyone have any experience with either of these? Please tell me things like which will last longer, or is easier to use and setup.

Thank you!

The madcatz is £149 in the uk, $171 in the USA. For the 360, and if you are contemplating spending that much money; I would personally go for a Fanatec CSR value pack. In the uk that will be about 249 euro’s (£199 in sterling). in the USA that is $250. For the fact it is a 900 degree force feedback racing wheel, has much better pedals then the xbox 360 compatible Madcatz or Thrustmaster wheels, has adjustable options on the wheel itself, and is pc and PS3 compatible as well. that is where I would put my money. Fanatec also sell better pedals, and h pattern and sequential shifters; which all work on the xbox 360 also (plugging into the fanatec wheel base). There are two downsides to the fanatec, is that you WILL need a wheel stand or solid surface to mount it too. The second downside is, it is not compatible with the Xbox one. So should you move over to the X1 at any point in the future, you would need to purchase an xbox one compatible wheel. But then neither are the xbox 360 madcatz or thrustmaster wheels, so it is a downside to them all.


Thanks a lot! I will take all of that into consideration. I don’t really want to spend over $200.