Best steering wheel for forza that doesnt drain my bank?

Looking to get a wheel, just don’t know what the “consensus” is on whats good, and what isn’t.

Any thoughts community?

Only really 5 choices on xbox

Thrustmaster 458 italia - $80 (no force feedback)
Madcatz FFB - $150 ??
thrustmaster TX $300 $300 (base model no add ons)
Logitech 920 - $400.00
Fanatec v2 or whatever # they are on now. $500+

I have a tx and suggest going with that. The pedals arent great but its a highly functioning ffb at a great price. Better pedals (3 pedal setup) are available for around $120 as well as 80-100 for a shifter which can be used in an “h” pattern as well as sequential.

The logitech comes with a 3 pedal (clutch) setup from the factory but does not include the shifter.

Madcatz isn’t really even worth mentioning.

Baby Cow, the Fanatec wheel is around 1000 dollars as the base alone is I think 600 now and then you need the adapter and wheel yet for another 350.00 to 399.00.

Is it really THAT bad??

I might have a weird taste but I quite like the way how the Madcatz wheel looks…
I owned a couple of DFGTs but haven’t tried anything on XB1 yet.
Still hoping that Thrustmaster will come up with a cheaper FFB wheel for XB as well (just like they new TS150 for PS4)

Look up the reviews for yourself. i dont want to talk anyone out of any product that i have limited knowledge of but ive used mad catz in the past and would never recommend their product to anyone. especially if it comes in at the same price as a superior product.

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yea thats why i put it at 500+ because i had no clue and i thought i remembered being able to get the base for 500 and if u had all the other stuff from previous wheels it could be done for around that.

did it quick so not exactly sure on the accuracy.

No problem Baby Cow, just filling in the blanks LOL that all. I wanted them toget the right price in case it fits his budget.

Also, the Madcatz wheel is $300. Not $150.

I’d recommend going with the Thrustmaster TX and then getting either the T3PA or T3PA pro pedals. Amazon also has a package for the TX that comes with the base, the leather GT rim and the T3PA pedal set for $470. Normally it would cost $510.

Just remember, you’ll also need something to mount the wheel to. Either a desk/tabletop or a stand/seat. Good luck!

Errr, G920…

Get that and you won’t be disappointed.245 quid atm with a deal from PC world posted in another thread in this forum!

Well if you really want to be a cheapskate, there is this option for $80

I would stick to the Thrustmaster or Logitech though. I’ve never had a good experience with any Mad Catz product I’ve owned, so I definitely recommend steering clear (see what I did there?) of them and the Fanatec option is horrendously expensive.

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