Lotus E23 hybrid

Anyone else want to drive this car ? I really wonder how it will sound in Forza 6 , we need a gameplay Turn 10 :smiley:

i gotta say the new turbo engines sound like crap. Nowhere near good as the turbo engines from the 80’s era.

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I prefer V6 power-units instead of V8 engines (Lotus E21) . I don’t understand why racing games never feature V10 F1 cars , damn .

why would you prefer the v6? not only they sound like crap, barley revs to 12000 vs 18000 of the v8. Also the v8 cars lapped Spa over 10secs faster than the current hybrids. Screaming engines were a trademark of F1.

The fastest qualifying lap was in the 1:48s in 2013. This year they were in the 1:47s. The 2013 time was in Q2 since q3 was damp, so they probably would have been slightly faster. Fastest race lap was about 1.5 seconds faster in 2013.

The difference is probably closer to 1 second and is nowhere near 8 seconds. You also need to remember 2013 was the pinnacle of the V8 and we are 2 years into the V6 hybrids. I’d be surprised if the 2016s don’t meet or break 2013 race pace and if there aren’t changes for 2017 they almost certainly be faster.

in qually trim the hybrids are not far off but during race 5secs+ off. due to the tyres and other a bit silly imo regulations.

nicos fastest lap last week 1.52.5
vettels fastest 2009 1.47s

trullis qually 2009 1.44s

facts dont lie its slower race trim but getting quicker as you are suggesting

Hamilton’s pole time this year at Spa was a 1:47.197 compared to Button’s 2012 lap of 1:47.573, I don’t know where you’re getting that 10-second difference from.

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I agreed the turbo cars in 80’s had great sounds…a bit like the indycars at that time

A comparison to F1 2015 will be essential. It will be interesting to see how the ERS deployment feels.

Haha I wish. Turn 10 didn’t simulate KERS or DRS in Forza 5 on the E21. Yes the DRS wing flap opens but it has no performance impact. It’s just for show. Wish they would add KERS and DRS to cars including others like the McLaren P1. Project cars did a great of simulating this.

I’m intrigued to see how it drives compared to FM5’s E21, going to require a different style considering the huge torque increase over the V8.

Might suit me more then!

all the drivers saying its alot harder to drive. no flat out on exits without a care in the world.

tyres going off within a couple of laps and trying to conserve fuel every straight.

i just hope its translated well in the forza world.

would be nice to compare it to a v10 with supersofts from 2005-2010 though. they really shifted.

Sounds like you should buy f1 2015 or lower your expectations. They didn’t even remove the e-brake from the e21 in fm5

Definitely wouldn’t expect drs kers or fuel mapping either

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i’m not expecting hence pesimistic level set to 10. i’m just speculating and asking questions someone might have some insight into.

which i did not expect anyone had a concrete answer to. how bizarre…lol

They were faster because of the aereodinamic but the current engines are a lot more powerful (100 hp +) .

Not true, they’re at a similar power level, if not probably less at this stage in their development.

“The 2015 Formula 1 power unit from Renault is reported to produce around 850 horsepower;”

Lotus E21 has 750 hp and you should keep in mind that the most powerful V6 is Mercedes one.

They not supposed to have more than 750HP by regulation, sure some will be higher, but not 850 horsepower.

Also the E23 is Mercedes powered anyway.

new pirelli tyres are meant to degrade really quickly compared to the tyres used by the e21. hence giving slower lap times as the driver has to maintain his tyres better and can not push the car too hard during a race. also has to be economical with fuel consumption. resulting in even less pushing and more coasting.
qually is different as its only really 1 or 2 flying laps now. on usually new tyres.

i wonder if forza will take the new tyre models of high degradation soft, primes and hards into account or just use a generic soft race tyre with low or no degradation.