lost downloads on forza 4

I Have Had some game saves and about £60 Of Downloadable Content Move from my xbox 360 The games are Forza Motorsport 3 and 4 On Motorsport 4 I was level 53 And Year 6 Now I’m level 1 again Same with Battlefield 4 and Plenty other games And 2 Games Have Just Deleted themselves from my Hard Drive Without Me Doing So. I Got Hard Drive 2 Years ago and it has all started since then Can you Help Me with Some Good Solutions Because I have the achievements to prove I’ve got Far in these games And do not want to start them again overall I have lost £60 pounds of downloadable content
I have a Slim Hard Drive , It is not an official xbox hard drive I want to know because I purchased all the downloads for my Forza games , how do i get them back from the marketplace as my account will prove I have purchased these downloadable items. As I’ve paid for these surely even if my hard drive is faulty I should still be able to re-download products I paid for , any help you give me on this matter would be greatly appreciated and if possible any direction you could point me towards to be able to retrieve these items I have purchased and lost.
I have been trying to download my purchased content but it says “no multiplayer data can be found in game” it has been registered as being downloaded on my x box but not in the game saying I purchased them but won’t let me use them in the game


Hello I have a similar problem I just purchased forza motorsports 4 and bought a car pack but I’m not able to use any of the cars purchased. Have you resolved your problem?

no not yet need help to get all my stuff back i was on level 56 and im back to level 1 :frowning:

Have you checked your “Download History”? It should be under the “Account” iirc