Lost all my cars

I lost all my cars and I can not participate in championships! (all events are gray)
This happened after the game crashed!
My money and progress continued normal!

My gametag is marcelloxbox360

Thank you!

Welcome to the club! Some have found by holding the power button on your console for 10 seconds to reset it has helped, or try deleting your local game save data, and letting it re-sync. This exact thing happened to me, and sorry to say that nothing has helped. I’m sorry and I feel your pain.

This just happen to me the game crash and I reload it only to notice I lost all my cars sooo mad after putting 280 hrs on it playing it since midnight when it came out 119 cars lv 229 and now I got that stp bmw z4 ,326 races im furious with this …delete my file resync it and nothing help I seriously feel like quitting this is a awesome game for this to happen to us…they should have an option to have a backup save daily so if something similar happens we could go back a day or so…