Game Data Lost after crash.

I just had my game crash while finishing the second road trip to Castelletto and i lost all of my garage cars perk unlocks and barn finds. now the cars i bought in game aren’t anything i can’t buy again, however i can’t use any of the barn finds that i’ve already put in my garage, if i use the “get in this car” option from the barn find menu, the game crashes. also i while my perks are all locked again, i don’t have the points i already spent. Now IF i have to delete my save data and start over, so be it, its not the end of the world, but has anyone had this issue and if so are there any other workarounds OTHER then deleting the save data?

TLDR: Lost garage cars and other info, how do i get it back?

Edit#1: Deleting LOCAL save game data doesn’t help, apparently the servers updated with the post crash data.