losing rep when i get crashed

If you just report and block you wont ever have to race those people again. OK there are still people you will meet online doing those things but it will become less and less as time goes on. If you carry on doing what you are doing chances are others will see you hitting people and they will report you also not just the person you hit.

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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

Also a quote from me “If you force the umpire to make a decision, the decision may go against you.”

In short retaliation seems to have gained you the bad rep. Stop the retaliation and the bad rep should stop.

Keep yourself clean but use the functions available to take action against those who grief you. Save replays and email to forzafb@microsoft.com.

Then report them, block them, kick them or change lobbies.


I’m not exactly sure how you measure a top 100 racer however it suggests that you are seriously fast. As such you are likely going to be able to thrash most other online racers. This in itself puts some responsibilities on you. Your inherent pace means you should have no problem driving tactically. Avoiding action is easily within your grasp from what you say. Your high skill level would mean that nobody could out drive you. Many ‘normal’ racers make contact by accident due to more modest skill sets.

So when you bump competitors off just to pass them, deliberately slot the car up the inside knowing the only way around the corner is putting the guy in front off and punt off the poor schmuck leading into the first turn cos ‘hey, rubbing is racing’ there is no reason for the other guy to be outraged by your amazing racing skills. Hypothetically speaking obviously.

Earlier you said or at least implied you were retaliating. If not then do you win a lot in leaderboard cars?

You must have done something to annoy someone. I am not suggesting you deserve the bad rep but it must have come from something and involve multiple people or friends of the annoyed person or people.

Lol leaderboard car

Dude replies like that are just going to convince more people who read this thread to block you as well, this thread is probably doing you more harm than good TBH.


No…i usually run regular cars…no f50 xbow and i dont have the elise or alpha 33

Dude 3/4ths of your top times are with the F50. Who are you kidding. And having 10 top 100 times does not mean you are a top 100 racer.

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Yeah keep wondering why your rating is so low…


That guy accusing of an f50 i rarely use…xbows are the true op a class car

Its more like 20%

Alot of people have to open your profile and avoid you to have any effect on your rep. Most times, this is between races, so usually the person doing this misses the chance to vote on the next track or pick a car. Its been said on here many a time that people aren’t blocking people because of the amount of time it takes to do so.

point is, you must have wound up alot of people, to make them bother going through the process of blocking you.

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My personal experience of racing online is that many of the fastest racers are also ruthless. If they need you out the way they won’t wait to craft an overtaking move they just smash you out of the way. I see it time after time.

And when you r heading for a win and some lowlife punts you off rather than legitimately pass you the first thing you do is see who it was. Then you take the trouble to go in and block/report them. If you drive like this regularly, under the mistaken impression it’s the way to race other players will be queuing up to block you. If you get nudged by a player by accident and then over-react you will be viewed as a bully.

Players will block you and diss you reputation only if you have done something that’s considered unfair or of poor sportsmanship. I believe it’s unlikely you would get dissed for being an amazing driver.

Just an FYI, under your own profile you can see the people you have played with recently. I just wait till I’m done for the night and go back and look for the jerks and report them then so i don’t miss the vote. Running into a lot fewer now.

you say:

"Earlier you said or at least implied you were retaliating. If not then do you win a lot in leaderboard cars?

You must have done something to annoy someone. I am not suggesting you deserve the bad rep but it must have come from something and involve multiple people or friends of the annoyed person or people. "

You think all people notify only for good reasons? Candide.
People notify only when they are angry but not when they are happy. So you get have many bad notification for 1 good.
If somebody in a groupe don’t like you, all his friends can exclud you even if you are clean.
Or a man is starting a crash but he don’t accept his fault, or jalousy…

You can be bannished only one 1 race. Only cause somebody notify you even if youre reputation is good.
It’s shocking me.

Also if you’re as fast as you say you are you’re probably DNFing half the lobby, thats enough for you to pick up a shed load of bad rep as well.

Not really. I’ve run a bunch of top 100s in the lobbies and only once in a blue moon do I have problems with someone trying to wreck me and as far as I’m aware my rep has stayed consistent.

I’ve made bonehead super aggressive mistakes and often lightly bump people but once again my rep stays contact.

I don’t, however, use the at times hated cars online and only sometime retaliate when I lose my cool. My rep stays constant though…

So this leads me to believe this guy is the hothead type who engages in swift justice even when the offender wasn’t intentionally trying to engage in unsporting activity and probably screws up races for innocent bystanders. I know a few people like this who also drive too aggressive and will run hated leaderboard cars to avoid losing. However, even they have respectable reputations.

I’ve only seen one person online who was quick and had a rep like this. This guy took winning way too seriously and did whatever was needed to do well.

Spammers cannot drop your rating. You really got to piss a lot of people off consistently to achieve this.

Nice job on your 11 top 100s.


Agreed, getting that bad of a rep isn’t just a coincident, it’s the sign of a pattern.

Your wrong…i dont drive like that