losing rep when i get crashed

Over the past 5 days my online rep has gone to 25% thx forza trolls

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Online rep? Let me guess: you are rated as “good” with about 75% of the bar filled with green. Forza players didn’t do that to you … that is the going rate for a fair player. I believe, mathematically speaking, you won’t ever find that bar filled. You can learn more about the system here.

No its red 25

The more hours you play fairly online without being reported as abusive by other players, the better your reputation will be. The algorithm looks to identify players that are repeatedly disruptive across the community on Xbox Live. The vast majority of players do not regularly receive feedback from other players and, thus, will stay at the “Good Player” reputation level.”

Its lame…im a clean racer…if i hit someone its out of defense wallriders and corner cutters

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And, apparently, you’ve done this enough times to warrant a slew of gamers reporting your activities. If I were you, I’d be careful not to retaliate from now on.

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Done enough what???playing the game how its meant to be played??? I get punished while they rear end hit wait a full lap to cost u a win.driving suvs etc…

If you are retaliating then you are not playing the game how its meant to be played.

I agree it can be frustrating but the only way you can stop bad rep coming from them is to stop.doing what you are doing to annoy them.

Sadly it is one of those situations where complaining about it or protesting your innocence is not going to change things.

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I am innocent…im getting spammed…

Crashing into others regardless of what they are doing is not going to end well, aside from the poor rating you are currently experiencing it can lead to bans as well.

Im not changing…im a top 100 racer…its haters that arent good getting mad…i have great fast friends…they have no issue with me


Well, here’s one way to look at it: change your desire to retaliate; otherwise, Turn 10 might decide to change it for you. Being fast has nothing to do with reputation. You have obviously irritated enough gamers that they have reported you. The formula is unknown to the public, but I can’t imagine a measly handful of gamers have the ability to drive down your reputation to the point that you are listed as “avoid me”. The numbers are likely much greater and, soon enough, you may give cause for the Xbox Live team to take action.

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Some people online have no respect.

I have been racing with Hersh for months. We would be racing clean and running top times. There is no reason for people doing these things to him.

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Also keep in mind that your current rep will affect every xbox game match request. Titanfall, CoD, BF4, Golf, etc. At this point whatever game you play online you will be matched with people with similar rep. The only person hurting your rep is you. The only person who can fix your rep is you. Choose wisely.

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My friend has also been banned. It is his own fault though. He retaliates when someone hits him or wall rides/cuts corners. I just report and block.

it is there fault…i shouldnt get banned cuz others wanna cheat n troll

So forza doesnt allow retaliation???makes no sense…why wouldnt i retaliate???iseems to me forza loves slow trolling wreckers to excel

Why would you ?
If you’re “a top 100 racer” you shouldnt have problem outrunning about anyone.
Just finish the race and report the guy. End of story.


Then be proactive by using the Xbox One report feature. Turn 10 has shown that it is taking action against those that ruin the online experience for others. By retaliating, you are a participant in that negative behavior and, as a result, you are susceptible to the same punishment. Call it what you like, but you are not in a position to dole out penalties to those who you think are unsportsmanlike.

It seems to me that they are playing you for a fool by encouraging you to react and, when you do, they are reporting you. Obviously, you are falling for it. Ergo, you need to make a change for your own sake. It is that simple.

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What you think of as “retaliation” is, technically, no different from wrecking. Unless other players are aware of your intentions, and you cannot assume they are, it’s going to look like you’re the one causing trouble. The people reporting you may have no idea that another player has been deliberately wrecking you. They see you crash into the guy and assume the worst.

I think many of us can understand and relate to the desire for retaliation, but the truth of it is that it only causes problems. When I first started playing (Forza 5 is my first racing game, and it took a while to understand the rules - official and otherwise), I “retaliated” on occasion. The result? Disruption.

A successful retaliation would likely result in the other player losing control. If the other player loses control, the players behind might suddenly find themselves with a whole new set of obstacles, like a car swerving back and forth on the track.

It sounds like you’re coming at this from a “But he started it!” point of view. You might be right, but should that matter to the other drivers whose games are being affected by your pursuit of justice?

Think about a fight in a public place. Like a cafe or a bar. It doesn’t matter who started it. It just matters that it’s disruptive to everybody else, and regardless of who kicked things off, both parties are probably going to spend the night in jail, and they’ll both likely be unwelcome to return to the establishment where their fight took place.

Also consider the witness reports. The cops ask the patrons what happened. A third think Person A started the fight, a third think Person B started the fight, and a third don’t know who started it - just that Person A and Person B made a mess of everybody’s evening.

I have a friend who’s been banned from about half of the nicer bars in Portland, Oregon (where I live). He’s a nice guy, but if someone messes with him, he’ll engage (“retaliate”). If Portland were XBL, his reputation would currently be in the red “Avoid Me” category. I love him like a brother, but he needs to learn how to walk away.

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