Bad rep??? Being reported because you're fast???

Has something changed with the rep system? Seems like every fast player that I race with is going through quite a bit of grief because of the rep system.

A bunch of us have been racing together in the public lobbies for the last 6 weeks or so. We are all very clean racers, don’t wreck people, wait for an opening to pass, don’t cut corners, and run clean laps. There are 10 of us that regularly race together. The only thing we are guilty of is being fast (we all have several top 100’s or better). We destroy most lobbies in terms of lap times, but I wasn’t aware of that being against the rules.

In the last week, 7 of us have had our rep go from “good” to “avoid me”. The other 3 are right on the edge of “avoid me” and have low/orange “needs work” ratings. The problem is that once you hit “avoid me”, you can’t get into a lobby. Seriously, this is ridiculous. Players are reporting fast players because they are sore losers. There has to be something that can be done about this. I know its been an issue for a while as I’ve seen lots of top racers with yellow “needs work” ratings. However, it was just an annoyance before. Now people can’t play the game and they have done nothing wrong.

We are paying customers that follow the rules , yet we are shut out because the slow players don’t like losing to us??? That’s completely unfair. I know I won’t renew my xbox live membership if this continues.

Same answer as in this thread:

No need to continue giving publicity to those were are cheating. File the report as I said in the other thread, BLOCK and then move on. No arguments online about the behavior, just note the gamertag, when the race is finished, file the information with the Policy Enforcement Team at Xbox Live. It really is simple, and PET has the ability to view/hear the offenders first-hand and take immediate action to toss them off Live (not just a single game).