Looking for Quartz Regalia because of it not being on the backstage pass

Anyone have a spare Quartz Regalia in their collection. If anyone is willing to sell one, pm me!

Also sort of stuck on money at the moment, only got 5mil. will try and get some more. Thanks!

I’m looking to buy one as well, plus the Regalia D if anyone has one for offroading. I only have 7 million, but I’m playing Fortune Island rn and still have 3 treasures to collect, with 2 of them currently available to claim at my current point.

If no-one has a Regalia and/or Regalia D to sell, I suppose I can always wait for the post-season phase where they said they were going to put all the playlist-exclusive cars backstage.

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sorry, but I checked the approved list of returning cars and both quartz models aren’t in there.

Agh, of course they’re not returning. Probably licensing issues with Square Enix making it so they can’t be put back in the Backstage.

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Yeah, having them removed is such a pain. Why can’t they just bring them back for a small period? They could just gift them to all players like those other free gifts and make everyone happy?

I have the type-d. Let me know if you need it

Hey I have extra type-d. Let me know if you still want it

Oh I would love one! dm me for more info. Cheers!

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Hey I do not know how to dm here. Here is my discord tag instead since I am more active there too.

Sorry, don’t have discord. Here’s how to DM me; click on my profile picture and then click message. Cheers!

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Hey I have one of both, dm for offers