Looking for ppl to race. rivals and live

Hey. So I’ve been playing forza since the first for original xbox. But spent most of the time racing off line. I’ve recently gotten myself on line and now have no friends on xbl. None that play forza anyways. I need ppl to compete with in rivals and online. So even if you don’t play online a lot, at least I can have some ppl in rivals to compete with. I tune and paint my own cars.

I’m a clean racer. If I take you out and it was my fault. I’ll stop and let you take the position ahead of me. even if it means falling to the back of the pack. If I take you out and it’s your fault… your on your own. And I would like to race with ppl that know when it’s their own fault.

I’m not on all the time. I’m looking for ppl to race casually with. Set up our own races when possible. I’m on the Canadian east coast and race mostly at night. But I am on randomly through the week and weekend. Might be into joining a league if depending on how flexible the commitment is.

Forza is the best game ever in my opinion. I have played all of them start to finish. Including the horizon games. I was disappointed with forza 5, and not with anything that the game “is”… more about what the game is “missing”.


Rebelracer84 is the gamer tag. Add me on xbl if you are looking for a clean racing pal.

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Hey I added you because I am in the same situation, have played forza offline since forza 2 making my own cars and stuff. But this year got a gold account for Xbox 1 and I’m looking for guys to race with. I have started taking the game more serious with tuning and learned how to drive manual with clutch. So I look forward to racing you in rivals and hopefully catch u online sometime.

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Sounds good man. And hey, if you didn’t know already… on Xbox 360 you can play forza one. I went a long time without knowing my 360 is backwards compatabil. Soon as I found out I got forza one and need for speed underground 2. Unfortunately they didn’t make the original underground part of the first xbox games playable on the 360… boo. But ya. Forza one. Good memories lol

Im going through the same thing public lobbies are to sloppy my GT is SUNNY PUMPKIN Im a clean racer

I’ll add you here soon rebel and we could get some clean racing in sometime :slight_smile: I’m looking for the same thing you are bud
GT: The Racers Edge

Same here, im sick and tired of the public lobby that i quit trying but as always im back…i tune my own cars and try to paint them…im in the North East of the USA hit me up, add me and hopefully we’ll get some games in.

Hey guys, I’m a bit the same, not too much online racing lately as I get sick of that one person who sits at
the end of the strait waiting to take you out, who has time for that!? Have been a bit out of the loop
lately with gaming but starting to get back into it now and starting to prep up for some night racing on
Forza 6, have done a bit of tuning mainly A-Class and lower, would be keen to get some more Rivals and
Friends for online racing, from NZ but am on at random times too. feel free to FR me.

Hey yea mate I’ll add you

Right on, thanks boys! I kinda forgot all about making this post. I’ve had a few ppl go head and add me on xbl. I bought forza six mid September. And literally started online racing just a few days ago. I gotta say it’s frustrating doing online races when there’s ppl out there that race like they are racing against the AI’s in career mode. Just crash and bash all the way to the finish line. Very aggravating! It’s nice to fluke out aND get into a room with good clean racers. I’ll be adding everyone that commented on this thread to my xbl next time I’m on my Xbox.

Like I said in my original post, to me, forza is the best game I’ve played… ever! And it is literally the only game I care to play. I’m no artist, but I spend time on the paints I do, and I’m no crew chief, but I think I do an alright job tuning.

I race mostly b class. I love muscle cars, and tuning trucks. And nurburgring!!! I absolutely love nordshecleif! (Spelled wrong I know lol) but ya, anyone that has a love for that track is a friend of mine for sure! Lol.

Anyways, good to hear there are like minded racers out there. Keep those bumpers shiny, and remember…


Pushing a guy off the road to pass him doesn’t make you better then him, it just makes you a jerk.

I’m still looking for people to race with. Add me on Xbox One @ Designatedleder. Always willing to track race and drag.