Looking for a P class league

I really enjoy racing the P class but lobbies are full of idiots so if anyone knows of a league or runs a league if you could let me know that would be great


We are starting up a series in the beginning of October if you would like to check us out our website isn’t fully done but we do have it up its www.racingmania101.wordpress.com
if you would like you can add my gamer tag: ToxicKilla7512

Hell yea i know a p class league out there. The FORC have an endurance series running with a Prototype class. It is only the R18 however but hey, its something. No morons in this league

Racing Mania’s league has a no moron/idiot policy when its comes to racing. If you make a mistake you fess up and apologize.

Cheers people I’ll have a look a the racing mania site cuz I mainly use the e-tron Audi

Awesome. Schedule is posted on the website under the Schedule section.

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I’m well up for this. Will there multiple classes? And how entrants is there?

Working on entries. Yes, multiple Classes. Prototype, GT1 (R class) GT2 (V8 Supercars). Contact Aaron aka ToxicKilla7512 for more info on entries. He is the one in charge of that sanctioning body.