Looking for Racing League

I’m looking for a racing league to possibly join, or a team, doesn’t really matter to me. I only race X class Formula 1 and i’m gonna start racing in R Class very soon(working on gaining credits to get all the cars i need.) If you have a team/league that does this hmu on xbox please GT CaliFect . I get really bored running in public lobbies because everybody crashes intentionally or just isn’t that good overall, i have roughly 7-10 tracks in X class that are top 100, i’m working on getting them all that way.
Let me know :smiley:

Hi bud, call over to www.forzamotorsport.org.uk we have lots if leagues and cups running constant, with a large member base. We are all clean racers and like to have a laugh.

Sure there’s something you will like

We are looking to get a league series going. It is based of the WEC so there will be endurance races. Races are on a sunday and are set to END at 9pm GMT. Send me a message if your interested and i can give you some more info., GT ScholesySlash46. Cars allowed are GT, Prototype 1 Audi and Puegeot and another class that we will dislose sooner to the series start.

Message BTR Snakie