Looking for a FM3 VIP

I’d like to try something - I’d like an FM3 VIP to sell me the VIP cars in the FM3 Auction House. Even though I am not an FM3 VIP I believe I can still buy the VIP cars in the FM3 AH and I’d like to see if I do and I start a new FM4 game - if the Unicorns (the FM3 VIP cars) transfer into that new gamesave. Anybody?

I’m nearly broke on FM3 (I gave away most of my CR), but I can try putting the cars that I can afford up for you. Which cars would you need?

He would need the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and the Ferrari 430 Scuderia from the VIP Pack. If you can’t help I can, but I think it will not work but willing to help and try. Purchase price in game should be about 465,00 CR for those two cars.

according to THIS - from 4 years ago(!)

If you had VIP status in Forza Motorsport 3… you can import the following cars:
2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
2007 Ferrari F430 Scuderia
2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
The Ferrari and Lamborghini are “Unicorn” cars so you’ll also get the “Unicorn Hunter” achievement worth 10 Gamerscore

…so, I’d really like to try all of the above (even though the vette is not a Unicorn)

I performed a test - I bought one of the DeLorean in the FM3 AH for which I do not have the car pack and even though it is locked down in my FM3 gamesave it did import into a new FM4 gamesave – I think this’ll work!!!

EDIT: I have enough CR in FM3 that I can buyout a POS from you to fund your purchase of said cars ;^)

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Well, I know I’ve got more than 500K, so this shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll try to load up FM3 in a few hours and get the cars up for you.

If this works, we could actually start a little community service doing this. Lol

well, Yakov and I tried – funky was correct, didn’t seem to work - I cannot see Yokov’s cars in the AH! darn.

I understand that buying them in the Auction House doesn’t work, but is a VIP able to gift them in Forza 3? …or does the non-VIP get an error message in their inbox? I can be a test recipient, if it hasn’t been tried.

No - if you do not own the DLC (VIP in this case) you are not able to own those cars - can’t remember what happens but it is something like a message saying “you need to own the DLC to retrieve this car”. No way around it if you don’t own the DLC - not surprising given it is something that involves exchanging real world money.

Totally correct. There is no “legal” way to obtain those vip cars. Tried all the options with 2 vip members I have on my friends list. I also came quite late to the forza party and also struggled with these problems.

I also have unused dlc codes which I cant be redeemed anymore allthough EU regulations clearly state I should get what I bought otherwise it’s fraud. But what can you do when the content is gone on the frontend…

There should be one possibility that should still work, although I havent tried it (not sure if it’s legal though)… not going to specify the details in public because I dont want to risk my profile beeing banned.

What you need is someone who you can trust completely with F3 vip and a xbox formatted usb drive.