Questions about these so called "Unicorns Cars"

I’m possibly (well actually I am a Newbie to Forza) Received a copy of Forza 4 from my son about ten months ago, He knew I Was a avid Midnight Club, Need for Speed Fan so he thought this would be a great game for Me, I Fell in love with this game…Love the Rivals, Auction House, Car tuning and other amazing aspects of the game, I Have become a true Forza Fan, So I thought I Would get Forza 3 to see what that was like and I Became just as pleased, I’ve noticed that playing Forza three I Have brought a number of cars that are possibly “Unicorn Cars” to be specific the Ferrari Challenge Stradale, Ford Shelby GT 500 (2007) Honda Mugen Civic & Honda Mugen Integra, Honda NSX-R GT, HKS Time Attack Evo, Nissan MINE’S R-32 & R-34 & the Toyota Top Secret Supra, All Cars were brought with Credits and Not Gifted by Turn 10, But because they they are Forza 3 Cars are they considered Unicorns? Can they be Transferred to my Forza 4 ? and Here’s Another Question : I Brought Forza Horizon online and after the First or Second Race they Transferred cars to my Horizon Game one of which was the Camaro SS (69) which I dont remember having in any of the previous titles, Very Confused as to why those cars from Forza 3 cannot be transferred to my Forza 4 (Would love to have them on it), I’ve gotten to Level 50 in Forza 3 and Almost completed Season 10 in Forza 4 The olny reward I would love is to have those cars from Forza 3 in my Forza 4 Garage…

Unicorn cars information is here:

Do not confuse what someone may tell you is a “Unicorn” and the actual car. There are people who cheat others saying they’ve sell or provide “unicorns” for you, when in fact, ONLY Turn 10 can Gift them. All others are fraud and illegally obtaining a Unicorn is grounds for permanent banning of the game.

No, you cannot transfer cars from one version of the game to another, each version is slightly different in the creation for that specific version of the game, and, simply put, programmed differently because the texturing, etc. is different.

Thanks for the response Snowowl , But Apparently you did not read my post correctly, but after doing some research, I came up with the following conclusion as to the issue of Unicorn Cars,

  1. The Cars that I purchased on the Forza 3 Disc are actually Unicorns, how do I know this you ask,
    I purchase them with Credits from the Forza 3 Auto Showroom with Credits that I Earned while playing the Game, I did not purchase them or was ever offered to purchase from someone other
    Then Turn 10. (I’ve read the Unicorn Opp. List many times!)

  2. I’ve notice that Forza 3, Horizon, Forza 4, Horizon 2, all Three have the same cars in their garages, I’m about 90% sure that when I purchased Horizon Online a couple of months ago
    I was gifted the 69 Camaro SS, for playing Forza 4.

  3. Last but not Least: You stated that you cannot transfer cars from One Game to another, Well my friend you are not right about that one….The Unicorn Hunter achievement in Forza 4 allows you to transfer (Import) a Unicorn Cars from Forza 3 Garage, The Forza Veteran Badge allows you to Import Drive Level 50 from your Forza 3 Game

  4. Had I played the Games Correctly (In Order) I Would have those Unicorns in My Garage on Forza 4, I’m sure that’s the Way turn 10 has it Set Up. I know for a fact that the HKS Time Attack Evo in the Forza 3 Game is no different from the one in Forza 4, It makes no sense in the Gaming World to have 2 Time Attack Cars, they are identical!

Last but Not Least Snowowl, Thanks for Replying to my Post…Have a Happy New Year!!!

Happy holidays. But you are incorrect. There are some of the same cars in FM3 and FM4, but you cannot - unless you’ve illegally hacked your console - “import” any cars from FM3 into FM4. Period.

If you’re seeing something different, I suggest you send an email to Turn 10 at