About transferig forza 3 cars over to 4

I’m going to attempt to transfer a Scuderia to forza 4, meaning I’m going to run to gamestop and get the game, create a profile, win some races until I can get it.

after I get the vehicle, how is it I transfer the car/file?

thanks for your help! hope someone isn’t too busy playing forza 6 to respond! LOL :slight_smile:

I believe the “transfer” only happens one time, upon starting FM4.

dang, can I create a new account an transfer the car to the new account, then gift it to my current profile?

Have you tried searching on ebay or somewhere to see if Forza 3 is available?

You can transfer files from Forza 3 to Forza 4 many times as I have done it.

It you want Forza 3 car Liveries, you would have to creat Logo file of each side first and then transfer them.

All files in Forza 3 will transfer and not just one.

That is if Turn 10 hasn’t blocked transferring files.

I have a few liveries that I like in Forza 3, so I’m going to create Logos and try to transfer them.

not the 430 Scuderia - it’s a unicorn; it’s locked to the profile it goes into. you can keep it in the new profile… or - start a new MF4 game on a usb stick under the same name, but the result is the same - it’s stuck there…

all a moot point anyway if I understand correctly what I just read - the FM3 Scuderia is also Forza 3 VIP Car. So, unless you are a FM3 VIP, no Scuderia for you. (you cannot buy MF3 VIP anymore)

Aint that a B**& lol. If i find someone; if their willing to gift it, is that the only way how?

You can’t gift unicorn cars & don’t want to try. Instant ban for modding. . .

lurker… ;^)

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Transferring liveries should still work, but that is entirely different than transferring cars which only occurs when first starting a new FM4 game save.

Nicky, are you doing this just to get more cars in FM4 or to get the unicorn hunter achievement? The advice for your issue depends on your goal.