Looking for an FM3 VIP

I’d like to try something - I’d like an FM3 VIP to sell me the VIP cars in the FM3 Auction House. Even though I am not an FM3 VIP I believe I can still buy the VIP cars in the FM3 AH and I’d like to see if I do and I start a new FM4 game - if the Unicorns (the FM3 VIP cars) transfer into that new gamesave. Anybody?

I don’t think it’ll work Leek, either it won’t let you buy the car or you won’t be able to recover the car from your auction house without the content.

However I did buy the LCE game when it launched, so do have VIP. If you want to test your theory, by all means send me a message on live when you get on and I’ll stick the disc in the tray and see what happens.

If you don’t own the DLC content or the rights to the specific car, you can’t see them. Primarily a wasted effort, as I recall.

tried it, it did not work - I could not see theses cars in the FM3 AH. funny that it did work with the DeLorean…

anyway, tried… to find a work-a-round for the folks out there that don’t have any unicorn cars = FAIL.

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If I remember right you could do this with most DLC (the DeLoren being one obviously and if I remember right I bought one of the Ultimate Pack cars before I had it - couldn’t use it but it was in my garage). The VIP cars were different though from memory - which is where this doesn’t work obviously.