Long awaited special edition car

Where is the Mercedes AMG One Forza edition? We were supposed to get it since the launch of the game but never did


Do you see it in the list of cars to photo in the promo list? No. They canceled putting an FE edition into the game. You can stop waiting now.

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Wow, they promised it, and they cancel it :triumph:, thx for clearing it up tho, but I do hope it gets revived

they never promised it or canceled it. it was in the promo list, was never mentioned by devs, and disappeared a long time ago

So what was the point of even showing it in the announcements then? Plus on one of the first looks, I heard one of the devs talking about it

There was a mention in a Forza Friday Livestream by a dev that this car was never meant to exist. It was merely a visual bug and no intention currently of it returning. But that doesnt mean it wont show up. As someone could try suggesting it in the Suggestion Hub

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does anyone know if the initial race one is indeed the “FE”?

there was, randomly, a picture hinting an FE version some months after the game’s release, it had the wheel arch and the tyre had “forza” on it, it was suggested . . . Twitter maybe? . . . that it was hinting an FE

not saying that means anything but I do remember that picture