Logitech G920 Wheel Unusable After October Update

Since I installed the October update to FH4, my G920 acts crazy, turning back and forth on its own and is unusable.

Previously, I could switch between controller and wheel on demand (without having to turn one of them off first). Now the XBox One X runninh FH4 doesn’t receive input from the wheel.

Troubleshooting: I have disconnected, unplugged, and reset the XBox One X and wheel,. This does not fix the issue. The firmware is up-to-date. The wheel works fine in FM7.

I am looking for feedback from the FH4 staff as I have done a thorough troubleshoot on my own. As I said, the G920 works fine with FM7 and problems only surfaced after the installation of the FH4 October update. My Elite controller works fine.


We’re having the same issue. Game startup makes the wheel jerk back and forth, which is annoying at best, and at worst is probably damaging the force-feedback hardware components (motors, bearings, etc.) If you switch to the wheel after the game has finished loading, there’s a 180 degree dead zone (no response until 90 degree turn from center in either direction.) The G920 works fine in other games. the last firmware update was in 2016 (already updated a LONG time ago).

This is 100% isolated to the Forza Horizon 4 game itself.

The Forza Support site lists the G920 as a supported device but the general paragraph about Logitech devices seems to be rattling on about installing the Logitech Software. Afaik, there’s no such thing for XBox One,

As of this posting, there’s no mention of problems with the Logitech G920 on the “known issues” page either. That is simply wrong. The game studio would have to be purposefully ignoring posts like this to not “know” about it.

Come on Playground Games, PLEASE get this fixed!!