Logitech G920 problems

So I’ve had no problems with this wheel until I join online multiplayer, I use 270 DOR for drifting due to lack of the H-pattern and it all works fine in test drive or free play, but as soon as I enter an online lobby, it somehow resets the wheel back to the factory settings, so it’s back to 720 or whatever the default is, and I just end up backing out and not playing.

Anybody else have this problem or know of a fix?

Same problem here dude, i have to go into the wheel settings after every race for the wheel to be refreshed to my custom settings. it is very frustrating but i heard that possibly in the patch which is due tuesday that it might get fixed.

As mentioned in the patch note updates page this issue has been corrected! All advanced deadzone settings will be saved from race to race! This makes me extremely happy and now I can start using my g920 with ease.

Just been testing myself. I’m absolutely thrilled it is fixed!

What has been fixed ?not home yet:-)

Would you please share your FFB and Vibration settings too? I’ve been trying all sorts of suggestions from other threads, aware of the problems others are reporting, you’re the only person I have seen who says they can drift with this wheel.

I’m completely unable to even catch a slide, let alone drift with this wheel.

I’m going to try 270 DOR when I next get on, but I find so far thaf after I’ve let the wheel spin freely in my hands it’s too strong or lacking in feel or something when I catch it again and I just can’t seem to hold or even just correct a slide. It’s like my steering input is too much most of the time maybe? Throttle is normally OK, I can tell when I haven’t gotten the right amount of throttle on either side.

Plenty of practice over many years IRL and with a controller. 3 days into wheel ownership. Still figuring it out.

I have this wheel, and can drift with it. https://youtu.be/vOFeQ6-QGyE

It takes practice to drive with a wheel in a racing game, let alone drift with one. The more degrees of rotation you use, the more work it will take at first.

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I doesn’t have a G920 but a TX and I use 420 DOR, and I can catch a slide with ease without it feeling twitchy with that setting.

Appreciate the responses, thanks. Great video, good to see what is possible while using this wheel, makes me feel a lot better about the purchase.

I’ve got a wheel stand to set up tonight, that could help me get into a better driving position and keep the wheel a bit more stable too.

Otherwise more time behind the wheel and getting my settings right.

I’ve had my Logitech G920 for about two weeks. When I go into the advanced controller settings and change the DOR and then go race (offline only) my wheel often is at the wrong DOR. I race road cars at 900, most race cars at 540 and open wheel cars at 360. For whatever reason my wheel seems to always go to 900 when I race even if it shows 540 in the advanced controller settings. This is strange as 540 is the default so you would think that is what it would revert to in a glitch. I have to quit and restart the game to fix the glitch. Seems to be happening frequently now. Does anyone else have this issue or is there something wrong with my wheel?

Hey guys I’m going to purchase the g920 wheel but you guys seem to be putting me off with the glitches… :confused: have these been fixed yet or still the same problem? All I do is tandem on f6 so I’ve been told that 540 degrees is good to learn with then up to 720.

Nope not fixed…Who knows if they ever will be…Wouldnt stop me from buying the wheel though,whichever one you choose… The small gliches I have dont happen a whole lot.

I don’t do tandems, but I can say my G920 has been great for drifitng as long as I am on normal steering and not Simulation. It’s a lot of fun.